Member Spotlight

Marie Sarantakis

Principal Attorney // Sarantakis Law Group, Ltd.

Description of your practice: 
I primarily handle family law matters, including divorce, paternity, and post-decree issues, in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will County.  In addition to being a litigator, I am trained in collaborative law and mediation.

Why are you a member of the WBAI? 
I first joined the WBAI as a law student. As I began attending functions and serving on various committees, I had the opportunity to come to know many wonderful Judges and lawyers from diverse backgrounds and who have achieved great success in their chosen career paths. The relationships that I formed in the WBAI were an incredibly valuable resource during the inception of my career. These connections continue to inspire me on a daily basis and help me grow my practice.

What do you think is the best way to empower women in law? 
I believe it starts on a micro level. We can each make a difference by mentoring and serving as a resource to another young female lawyer. As lawyers I believe that we are infinitely blessed, and in turn, we have a responsibility to help others and share our knowledge. Being a lawyer is just as much about knowing the law as it is forging relationships. By helping others grow, we in turn will grow ourselves. Mentoring law students and new lawyers is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. Their energy, appreciation, and enthusiasm is contagious.

Tell us about a story or time when being a female attorney was advantageous.
I have always considered being a female attorney to be a strength. I frequently represent female clients who are specifically seeking out a female lawyer. In divorce matters, especially, the heart of many of the disputes can be incredibly personal in nature. Women often feel more comfortable discussing these private and intimate issues with other women who may share a similar perspective.

What are you most looking forward to in the following year, personally/professionally?
Personally: I am working on authoring a piece on Millennials in the workforce. While I am a Millennial, my entire office is comprised of other generations. I find having an inter-generational workforce to be incredibly advantageous to our firm as a whole.

Professionally: I have been practicing a little over two years and immediately began my own firm upon obtaining my license. I have recently added new staff members and of counsel who have been an integral part of my business. I am been blessed that our firm has experienced such growth in a short amount time and I am excited about the prospect of expanding our firm in the next year.

Tell us something interesting about you. 
I have always had a passion for books and book stores. I was homeschooled during my childhood and loved nothing more than going to the bookstore and picking out a new set of textbooks. My love for books has remained.  Before becoming an attorney, I used to model for book covers. I even landed on the cover of a Danielle Steele novel. Then while in college, I authored an best-seller on the raw food movement. During that year, I spoke with notable personalities about my work (such as Martin Sheen), participated in book signing events at Barnes & Noble, and engaged in various radio interviews. It was an incredible bucket-list experience!

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