Member Spotlight

Kristine M. Schanbacher

Litigation Partner // Dentons US LLP

Please provide a description of your practice.

My primary practice focuses on defending class actions and complex commercial litigation. My class action experience includes defending: property and casualty insurance practices across the country, TCPA claims, consumer fraud claims, and Fair Credit Reporting Act claims. My complex commercial litigation experience includes defending: large personal injury claims, general business disputes, media and advertising disputes, and product liability claims. 

I have secured numerous victories in my class action and complex commercial litigation cases including: denials of a plaintiff’s motion for class certification, winning motions to dismiss the entire complaint (and some were dismissed with prejudice), winning motions for summary judgment, and prevailing on multiple appellate briefs. 

I have tried jury and bench trials in both state and federal courts, and have obtained multiple trial wins. 

Why are you a member of the WBAI?

I am a member of the WBAI, because I want to help the WBAI in its mission to promote the legal interests and rights of women in Illinois.

What do you think is the best way to empower women in law?

I think the best way to empower women in law is to actively support and mentor them. It is also particularly crucial to challenge any sexist behavior that one observes will practicing law, and to not remain silent or accept that, that is how things are. By standing up for our fellow women we will continue to change the legal community for the better.

What are you most looking forward to in the following year, personally/professionally?

Personally, I am most looking forward to welcoming my second son into our family. He is expected to be here in September/October this year.

Professionally, I am excited to continue to meet the challenges and demands of the first year of partnership at the world’s largest law firm.

I am a boating/lake life fanatic. Whenever it is nice outside, I love being out on the water with family and friends.

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Kristine is a Litigation Partner at Dentons US LLP. She is a member of the WBAI because she wants to help the WBAI in its mission to promote the legal interests and rights of women in Illinois.