Member Spotlight

Candace D. Hansford

Partner // Hansford & Deckert, LLP

Description of your practice:

I represent individuals, families, and businesses in estate-related matters, including estate planning, business succession planning, probate and trust administration, probate, trust and guardianship litigation, as well as business litigation.

Why are you a member of the WBAI?

I joined WBAI a few years after starting my solo practice, which at times, was a very isolating process. Eventually I found my stride and wanted to get “involved”. The quality of the connections that I have made, especially at a time when I didn’t have a partner or colleagues in an office, keep me committed and excited about the ways that I might contribute to the organization and I look forward to opportunities to pay forward the benefits that I have received.

What is your definition of “having it all” OR What are the ways you try to achieve work/life balance?

I think work/life balance is nothing more than a cruel rumor, so I try to ignore the notion. This year I made the decision to set priorities and work relentlessly to pursue them. Sometimes that looks like a late night in the office and other times it looks like leaving a document partially drafted to shop for groceries and make dinner. Probably the exact opposite of balance, I’m pretty sure it’s the only way I was able to tear myself away from work for a legitimate vacation (no laptop or e-mail) for the first time in about five years.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

This year was full of transition and change; I’ve taken on several new leadership roles, both in my professional and personal commitments and I am looking forward to using the remainder of the year to set goals and focus my intentions toward a transformative 2018.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I am the oldest of my siblings and the first grand-child of my grandparents. As a result, there was much debate over my name. After reaching an unreasonable impasse, my parents agreed to give me the name of my mother’s great-grandmother, which happened to be identical to that of my father’s great-great-grandmother: Candace.

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