Member Spotlight

Brandi Burton

Assistant State’s Attorney // Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Please provide a description of your practice.

I am a criminal prosecutor. I currently prosecute all misdemeanor crimes committed in Cook County. I work closely with my victims to gather evidence, provide needed services, and pursue justice. I also offer deferred prosecution options for first time offenders, which will keep their records clean if completed satisfactorily. I represent the 5 million people of Cook County.

Why are you a member of the WBAI?

I didn’t know much about WBAI when I first joined. However, after my first month with WBAI I knew I would always be a member. WBAI welcomed me with open arms, gifted me with an amazing mentor, and equipped me with essential skills needed to navigate the legal field. WBAI provides a nurturing space for women attorneys to succeed in any area of law. The legal field is intimidating but the women of WBAI have made it less frightening for me as a young attorney. I now have a network of women with answers to all of my questions and experience in almost every field.

What you are most looking forward to this spring?

I look forward to traveling, relaxing and enjoying the good weather. It is my mission to make up for the fun times I missed while studying for the bar last summer.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I began law school as a part-time student and a full-time College Counselor at Urban Prep. I quit my job as a College Counselor to finish law school in 3 years but I never lost my desire to assist high school students with post secondary options. I just accepted a part-time College Counselor position with Chicago Scholars and I am so excited to begin working with students again!

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