Member Spotlight

Anna P. Krolikowska

Co-Founder & Managing Partner // K&R Family Legal Services

Description of your practice:
K&R Family Legal Services is a two-partner firm that has been in business for 10 years.  We focus on getting the most favorable outcome in divorce and other family matters while maintaining a compassionate and supportive atmosphere for our clients.  We take a variety of approaches to help our clients resolve their family law issues. We often settle our cases by preparing for aggressive litigation, but we are also trained in mediation and collaborative process.

Why are you a member of the WBAI?
I joined WBAI not only for its diverse networking, mentoring, educational programs, but also for the great comradery with women in the law.

What is your definition of “having it all” OR What are the ways you try to achieve work/life balance?
“Having it all” means, to me, finding the joys of every moment in life, even when things are not going my way.  Downtime is always important whether it be a walk through the neighborhood on a sunny day, spending time with friends and family, or laughing uncontrollably because my husband did something totally goofy just to make me smile.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months OR 2018?
I am looking forward to a strong finish to my campaign for Illinois State Bar Association
3rd Vice President and taking a little time after the election to relax with my supportive husband, Eric. ISBA was founded in 1877 and there have been four female attorneys who have served as ISBA President. I look forward to keeping up the momentum and continuing to help others run for office in 2018.  I have learned so much on this journey and would encourage all WBAI members to take an active role in bar associations.

Tell us something interesting about you.
Many people don’t know that when I was in high school, I completed the Junior ROTC program and had a desire to pursue a legal career in the military.  Ultimately, I decided to accept Loyola Chicago’s Gannon Center for Women and Leadership invitation to be one of the five young women selected for the Gannon Scholars Program.

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