House Of Delegates

In 2015, in an effort to increase WBAI membership and participation throughout the entire State of Illinois, the Officers and Board of Directors of the WBAI approved the creation of the House of Delegates.  

Each delegate has the responsibility and privilege of promoting the WBAI throughout the state, including promoting its mission and increasing membership.  Each delegate must be a member in good standing of the WBAI and licensed in good standing in the State of Illinois.  Each delegate shall have the right to participate in WBAI board meetings for membership purposes only, but shall not have the voting rights or privileges of Officers or Directors under the terms of the WBAI Bylaws.  Each of these delegates will be elected by a majority vote of the WBAI’s current Officers and Board of Directors.

Become A Delegate


Anyone interested in holding a seat in the House of Delegates should email

  • WBAI Member
  • Licensed in Illinois
  • Each delegate will serve for two years.
  • Create a committee of at least five members within your assigned district to increase WBAI membership and participation.
  • Coordinate two new membership receptions a year to recruit new members within your assigned district with the WBAI.
  • Coordinate two new membership programs a year within your assigned district with the WBAI.
  • Develop relationships with other local county bar associations, including attending at least three of their events or programs a year to increase the visibility of the WBAI.
  • Report your progress to the WBAI Board on a quarterly basis.
  • A true commitment to increasing statewide membership and participation for the WBAI.

Meet the Delegates

To join a District Committee, email your Delegate