Chief Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow Award

Attendees gathered for the presentation of the WBAI’s Chief Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow Award, the very first award that any organization has named after Justice McMorrow.  The Chief Justice is one of the WBAI’s greatest treasures.  She served as our president in 1974 and for thirty five years has continued to support our association.  The first recipient of this award was Charlotte Adelman for her continued years of service and preservation of the WBAI’s history by singlehandedly writing the WBAI 75 – a history book of the WBAI’s First 75 Years.

Top Women Lawyers in Leadership 

The Top Women Lawyers In Leadership Award emphasizes the accomplishments and diverse backgrounds of women who are making major professional contributions through their service in a leadership role. Candidates for the award include elite women lawyers who have created growth in a given field and shown future potential, or gone beyond traditional mentoring to create new pathways. Award winners are leading women lawyers in academia, business, entrepreneurship, general counsels, public office, trade, labor, journalism, or community.