Due to everyone working remote, it can be challenging to keep cases moving forward. CasePacer provides a cloud-based case management software with an automatic tickler system to keep cases, details and documents on track. CasePacer is designed for Plaintiff Law Firms.

CasePacer is offering during this time:

  • Free standard case import up to 250 cases
  • No subscription costs and a deferred pricing option for up to 2-years
  • Access to CasePacer materials, including tips and tricks for working from home

Contact Maureen Perry to learn more and see a demo.

Exigent Group Forensic Consulting

Conveying complex technical and scientific information to judges and juries can be the key to favorable case outcomes in both pre-trial settlements and court verdicts. Exigent’s team of highly credentialed, on-point experts has a proven track record of success helping lay audiences understand the value and strength of your case.

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Illinois Supreme Court – MCLE Extension

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illinois Supreme Court recognizes attorneys in the 2018-2020 reporting period may be unable to complete their continuing education credits by the upcoming deadline of June 30, 2020 (applies to those with last names beginning A-M). In consultation with the MCLE Board, the Court decided to provide every attorney in this group the option to secure a no-cost, three-month extension to complete those credits. An attorney secures that extension by submitting an online report to the Board no later than July 31, 2020.

The MCLE Board’s online reporting system at is available now for attorneys in the 2018-2020 reporting period:

  • Attorneys who complete their credits by June 30, 2020, will report compliance by July 31, 2020, at no cost.
  • Attorneys who do not complete their credits by June 30, 2020, will report “Not Yet Complied” by July 31, 2020, to secure the three-month extension at no cost. No reason for the extension is needed. Those attorneys then have until September 30, 2020, to complete their credits and report compliance to the Board.

For the latest coronavirus updates, postponements and cancellations of events in the legal community, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin is a great resource publishing an interactive on-line map tracking this data by county.

Visit for more information.

Lexitas Legal

Due to the current crisis, many of us are compelled to conduct and attend depositions and other legal proceedings remotely. LegalView is a premier remote viewing platform that provides a fully-interactive viewing experience via computer, mobile device, or traditional videoconferencing systems. Join Rhonda Jensen for a discussion on taking remote depositions.

How to Take Remote Depositions
Learn the basics of remote depositions with a live demonstration.
Friday, May 5, 2020 // 10:00 AM CST

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Magna LegalVision

Magna Legal Services is offering FREE online remote video deposition services (Magna Legal Vision) and FREE conference call numbers for telephonic depositions during the crisis. Magna LegalVision (MLV) is an online video deposition service which provides clients with real-time access to depositions, meetings, hearings, and mediations.

You can:

  • Connect using computers, tablets or even smartphones
  • Record sessions (mp4 format)
  • Display your exhibits
  • Schedule a court reporter or interpreter to join remotely
  • Video feed your witness directly into a courtroom for live testimony
  • Create breakout rooms

You can be confident in hosting your event remotely— Magna will test equipment before the session (for available parties) and our tech support will be available from start to finish. The MLV platform is completely secure with 256-bit AES encryption safeguarding all log-in information and webinar session data.

Equipment Rental

Don’t have the tech? Magna offers a state-of-the-art flight pack system (iPad and stand, Bluetooth speaker, conference phone, hotspot and extension cable). We ship these flight packs hundreds of times per year, often to last-minute depositions.

COVID-19 Crisis Pricing *Limited-Time Only*

  • MLV Full-day (Unlimited Connections): FREE!
  • MLV Half-day (Unlimited Connections): FREE!


  • Rental Equipment (Per-Day): $250.00 + Shipping
  • Renting a Magna Meeting Room: Fees Vary
  • Breakout room facilitator: $150/hour
  • Completely Telephonic Deposition Service: FREE!

Contact Gail Kalnajs, Business Development Manager with any questions or request for further information.

Midland Trust Company

Midland Trust Company is experienced in providing support during stressful and unsettling times and remains able to assist you and your clients during the current crisis.

Midland specializes in administering court supervised guardianships for minors and disabled adults, special needs trusts, and other financial products for those receiving proceeds from personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. Midland values the importance of advocating for our clients and their families with empathy and respect.

Please contact us today, we are experienced in finding solutions for unique circumstances.

Ben Malsch

Deanna Haught

Nanny Tax Company

The Nanny Tax Company is waiving our registration fee for WBAI members who register for our service by July 1, 2020.

You may be dealing with a lot of stress and uncertainty these days and if you have a household worker, you have even more to think about. We are hearing from many people who want to know if their household employee is eligible for unemployment benefits if they are laid off or their hours are reduced during this unsettled time.

As long as the employee has been paid legally, they are generally eligible for unemployment benefits, including the expanded federal pandemic benefit. If the employee has been paid off the books they may be denied benefits or the unemployment office may register the employer retroactively once they receive the employee’s claim.

The Nanny Tax Company can help! We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary of helping household employers – if you have any questions, give us a call at (847) 696-7260 for a free consultation and be sure to let us know you’re a WBAI member.

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Planet Depos

With the recent closures and restrictions that are affecting how we are conducting depositions for discovery or holding arbitrations/mediations, Planet Depos is offering a free Webinar that explains how remote depos and remote mediations work.

Join Billy DiMonte, Founder and Managing Partner of Planet Depos, in a free webinar that demonstrates how to take a remote deposition through mobile videoconference. We walk you through everything you need to know to easily conduct your deposition from anywhere in the world.

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Synergy Settlement Services

To stay true to Synergy’s mission to help trial lawyers focus on what they do best, we are extending our temporary waiver of advanced fees for lien resolution services through May 31st. If you referred a lien resolution matter to Synergy in April and paid $500.00, there will be no further advanced fees for any subsequent referrals in the month of May. If you didn’t take advantage of the offer in April your first lien resolution referral in May will be charged an advanced fee of $500.00, but all subsequent referrals will not require any further advanced fees. There is no limit on this offer and your firm can refer as many liens as desired within the month of May. When lien resolution services are complete, our normal percentage of savings fee will apply and be billed at our customary rate.

Synergy is also now offering our lien resolution intake forms through DocuSign. Leveraging this technology will avoid needing a face to face meeting with clients for signatures in our social distancing environment. We know that now more than ever, efficiency is critical and law firms are stretched further on both time and expenses. While Synergy is making lien holders fight as hard for their money as you did to get it; you and your team can be freed up to focus on what you do best.

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US Legal Services

With over 85 physical offices around the country, US Legal Services has the resources and regional teams to keep your discovery process moving forward, even through these unforeseen circumstances. We offer multiple remote service options from any of our physical offices as well as complete remote solutions to preserve your discovery deadlines. Currently US Legal Services is offering free video conferencing as well as phone conferencing.

Contact Ryan Bannack, Executive Director of Sales-Midwest with any questions or request for further information.

Waterville Advisors

Waterville Advisors remains committed and available to our attorney clients and friends at the WBAI to ensure that their clients are protected during these turbulent times. Proper Settlement Planning for injured plaintiffs has never been more important. Our Structured Settlement clients have been paid every penny that they were promised by their life insurance company provider. We stand ready to assist attorneys with any and all issues related to settlement proceeds, no matter how complex.

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