Pooja Ravisankar

Pooja Ravisankar

Pooja Ravisankar is a licensed Illinois attorney, CPA Candidate and a brand-new director, joining the WBAI board.  In July, Pooja is starting a new role with the Merger & Acquisitions Tax practice at KPMG.

After earning a J.D. from the University of Illinois, Pooja practiced Business Transaction Law in Chicago.  Last month, Pooja completed a Master’s in Taxation law from Northwestern University.

Pooja spent her childhood on cargo ships, growing up around people of various nationalities, and visiting a multitude of countries. She survived a large marine accident but continues to embrace her love of travel.

Pooja is a proponent of the ethical treatment of animals and is committed to giving all animals a legal voice.  She no longer visits zoos, or aquariums.  She makes an effort to only purchase products that have not been made from or tested on animals.  She continues to work on changing her diet which is proving to be much more difficult than she anticipated.