Supporter Spotlight: Jennifer Yu of Synergy Settlement Services

Jennifer Yu, Director of Business Development – Synergy Settlement Services

Synergy Settlement Services provides services to law firms in personal injury and mass tort cases to assist with the complicated issues that arise at settlement, allowing Trial Lawyers to focus on what they do best.

Tell us a bit about your practice/company.
The system is flawed. You take all the risks and fight hard for your clients. Yet even after you win, the fight to make sure your client gets everything they are entitled to is not over. It must be frustrating to you and costly to your firm.

At Synergy, we tackle the case after the case, so you can focus on what you do best — fight for the injured. We have a deep team of professionals experienced at maximizing and protecting the recovery. More than 1,000 law firms and their clients across 50 states have trusted Synergy to deliver efficient and outstanding results. Have confidence the issues at settlement will be handled efficiently and compliantly, and that the injury victim will not only receive every penny they deserve, but also have solutions to preserve and protect their recovery.

What is your firm/company’s mission statement? 
We provide Trial Lawyers across the nation with innovative and comprehensive solutions to the issues they face at settlement of their hard-fought cases, freeing them to focus on what they do best—fighting for injury victims.

We maximize the Injury Victims’ recovery and provide financial guidance that preserves as well as protects their settlement.

We offer Our Communities support, focusing on those with special needs.

How has your business/practice changed during the pandemic?
The accessibility of my team has been expanded in the best possible way.  We have experts all over the country and our team members would typically have to travel to attend meetings.  With Zoom becoming part of our everyday life our Partners and experts can jump on a meeting with clients any time they need us.  It has really opened up a whole new level of education for myself and my clients.

What is one habit/practice that you’ve adopted during the pandemic that you plan on keeping?
Slowing down!  Taking time to be in the moment rather than thinking about what needs to happen next has become my new state of mind.  I’ve found so much more to appreciate during each day.

Share with us a career highlight of yours.
Finding the right career path.  After practicing law for several years I realized that it wasn’t the right fit for me.  It was a real leap of faith to enter an alternative legal career but one that ultimately brought me the most fulfilment professionally and personally.  When I opened the Chicago office of Synergy in 2019, I knew that it was where I was supposed to be!

What is the most challenging part of your practice/business?
Convincing attorneys to change the way they approach settlement planning.  Experts are used in all phases of a case.  A Synergy expert is no different but can bring the most effective financial benefit for victims.

What is the most rewarding part of your practice/business?
Helping families and changing lives for the better.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
Our passion for helping improve the lives of those we serve and an incredibly talented team.  Synergy’s professionals are empathetic and dedicated to our mission, we fight hard to protect our client’s recovery.  As if it were our own which simply doesn’t exist elsewhere in the marketplace for our services.

How do you create opportunities for women and young attorneys in your practice/business/firm?
Our senior leadership team has three attorneys and one paralegal who head up our different lines of business. The company is devoted to diversity and providing opportunities to women, minorities and those looking to start a meaningful career with a company that cares.

Why are you a supporter of the WBAI?
I initially joined WBAI for the networking opportunities, but quickly came to find that it offered so much more. As a member, I found inspiration and camaraderie among like-minded women.  As a Director, I found that I could help to advance and support women as they balance career and personal choices in a male dominated field.  The women that I have met through WBAI have become mentors, clients, and friends.  I look forward to sharing my journey and experience with others and giving back to women in the field.

Tell us something most people would not know about you?
My family and I love living in the city, but when we leave town we like to go country.  Camping, hiking, fishing, mountains etc.  I recently took a Mother/Son RV trip with my best friend.  I think the boys were impressed that I could do a 3 point turn in a full sized RV!

When this pandemic is behind us, where do you most want to travel?
My mom has been planning a family vacation to Hawaii for years. I’m hoping that we can do it soon.  We are lucky to be able to travel with three generations and it would be the trip of a lifetime for us all.

What do you/your firm/company/business hope to accomplish in the next 12 months?
For Synergy, it is all about continuing to serve more people and improve the lives of those catastrophically injured. So we hope to continue our strong growth in both the depth of talent we have on our team and continue to reach more people to serve.