Member Monday Profile: Stephen M. Komie

Trial Lawyer // Komie and Associates

Description of your practice: 
Stephen Komie and his team of lawyers are a solo practice with 40 years of experience representing ordinary persons, judges, the clergy, and corporations before the trial and appellate Courts of Illinois, the United States, and international tribunals. The firm has a diverse general practice. With a busy trial practice he always finds time to participate in bar activities, mentor young lawyers and encourage others to achieve their full potential as attorneys.

Why are you a member of the WBAI? 
I was honored to receive an invitation from past president Denise Staniec to join the WBAI.  Joining the WBAI was one of the best decisions I made as a practicing attorney. The WBAI has a goal of valuing diversity in thought and action. The Association is comprised of the best and the brightest lawyers whose objectives are to rise to the top of the profession breaking the glass ceiling.  I love the organization and its member participation for the sheer energy which comes together at WBAI meetings.

What is your definition of having it all? 
Having it all is dividing one’s life into spheres because the law is a jealous mistress, requiring more than a 40-hour week. First is family. Watching and supporting my children as they grown into adults. The second sphere is having a successful practice representing clients and achieving good outcomes for their cases. The third sphere is my bar association activities. I am currently running for President of the Illinois State Bar Association with a desire to improve lawyers’ professional lives and fight for the needs of the legal profession. In summary, having it all is being able to divide one’s life into spheres and perform well in each while maintaining good health, exercise, a social life and mental well-being.

What are you most looking forward to? 
Having the chance to make an impact on the profession; I am striving to make the bar associations relevant to all – young lawyers and senior lawyers. In the courthouse I am looking forward to making law and pursuing my Equitable Adoption case—the first in Cook County.   Outside the courthouse I am looking forward to spring break with my family.

Tell us something interesting about you. 
I am the son of a mother who graduated from college in 1934. Mom went on to become an airplane pilot and served her country flying airplanes during World War II. She taught me to respect everybody regardless of their background, their views which may differ, and their circumstances in life. I owe my mom a debt of gratitude for teaching me the importance of recognizing talent when I see it.