Member Monday: Caidi Mammas Vanderporten

Mammas | Goldberg // Associate

Description of your practice:
MAMMAS | GOLDBERG is a boutique family law firm in Chicago.  We specialize in all aspects of domestic relations law including divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities, child support enforcement, pre and post nuptial agreements, and post-decree litigation.  I work alongside my father, who has been in practice over forty years.  We are a team and our clients directly benefit from our close relationship, as we are always on the same page, are actively engaged in each case, and employ our distinct experiences and personalities to achieve success.

Why are you a member of the WBAI?
I first became a member in law school and from the onset always felt welcome at events, even where I knew no one upon entering the room.  As I transitioned from working in the public sector as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County to the private, it became critical to continue engaging with the smart, hardworking women of the WBAI.  Through the organization, I have made business connections as well as invaluable friendships.  Now as a new “working mom” it has been incredibly inspiring for me to turn to the WBAI for support, encouragement, or even just a happy hour out!

What are the qualities you have seen and admired in a senior female attorney you know? 
As a young Assistant State’s Attorney I worked under Lisette Mojica, who is now on the bench.  She is smart and very hardworking, but also practical.  She was always in pursuit of justice, even if that meant making hard decisions prosecutors typically might not make.  I think now especially, that perspective is so important.  I respected her opinion and was in awe of her ability to effortlessly balance her career and her young son.

I also want to mention Judge Debra Walker, also a member of the WBAI, as someone who has left an indelible mark.  I attended a pretrial conference before her on one of my firm’s largest cases.  That day I was unexpectedly tasked with handling the pretrial alone.  I was surrounded by very seasoned, all male attorneys in her chambers.  Judge Walker looked right at me and said, I know you are more than capable of handling this today.  That small sentence empowered me in such a big way because it was true – I was prepared but had let the self-doubt creep in.  Whenever I feel that sense of hesitation I remember Judge Walker’s words.

I have tried to mentor young women in the law through the Chicago-Kent Law School’s mentorship program, remembering the lessons of the aforementioned women and so many others whom I respect.  Women attorneys are some of the best out there – I am constantly motivated by others!

What are you most looking forward to in the following year, personally/professionally?
I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice and becoming more involved in the WBAI through the Domestic Relations, Legally Moms, and Community Outreach committees this year.  Personally, I look forward to hopefully taking a vacation with my husband, who is also a lawyer, once things go back to normal… working from home during the shutdown with an almost one-year old who is getting into everything has not been easy for either of us, so I would say we’ve earned it!

Tell us something interesting about you.
I appear frequently on Fox 32 Chicago’s Good Day Chicago morning show and Flannery Fired Up political show to comment on my family law practice and child welfare issues.