Legislative Committee Co-Chairs: Why I support the Equal Rights Amendment

We asked the WBAI’s Legislative Committee Co-Chairs “Why do you support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?”

“Like all other advocates of this important Amendment, I support the ERA for the obvious reason that our Constitution should unquestionably guarantee equal rights without regard to gender.  However, what is often overlooked is that without the ERA, no matter how much progress we make to further women’s rights these advances are not legally protected.  Without the ERA, any existing laws can be repealed or replaced by a simple majority of Congress.  The principle that equal rights for women can be altered depending on the ever changing political climate of Congress is unacceptable.”

-Dina Ninfo

“I support the passage of the ERA because without it society will continue to move too slowly, too undecidedly, and too ineffectively in the direction of equality for women.  History has shown that despite our best efforts, women are still not treated equally to men whether it is in pay, career opportunities, representation in government, or in the board rooms.  I believe that the ERA will provide the legal backbone needed to enact new measurers to promote equality, as well as to help rid society of the practices that denigrate women.”

-Natalie Scruton Federle

Natalie and Dina are co-chairs of the Legislative Committee.  For more information on how you can support the ERA, contact Natalie and Dina.