Karen DeCrow Exhibit at Northwestern

Northwestern University has announced its exhibit honoring Karen DeCrow’s life and work.  Karen was born and raised in Chicago’s Rogers Park, was a 1970’s national president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and a widely known and iconic feminist. After graduating from Northwestern University, she moved to New York, attended law school, and specialized in feminist litigation. Invited to speak before the Women’s Bar Association (WBAI) by her childhood best friend,  Charlotte Adelman (1984-5 WBAI president),  the Chicago-born Karen dramatically described her trip to China, one of the first by an American citizen. Karen made a special donation to WBAI in recognition of the death of Rose Matelson Adelman, a lawyer and WBAI member, and Charlotte‘s mother, who was also Karen’s good friend.

Northwestern University Libraries, in connection with the Northwestern University Women’s Center, are proud to present this exhibit, which will be open from September 19 through December 30. The exhibit is displayed in two sections, with one piece in Deering Library showcasing the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections’ holdings on both 1st and 2nd wave feminism, and one in Main Library, focused specifically on Karen DeCrow’s archive. The 50th anniversary of the National Organization for Women seemed like an excellent time to put this exhibition together. On November 16th, Terry O’Neill, the current president of NOW, will give a lecture at 5PM. For more information contact Jill Waycie, Archival Processing Specialist, Northwestern University Libraries, Northwestern University.