Fashion ESQ: How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

The kids are back in school and the temperatures are already starting to cool off a bit.  As much as we hate to admit it, summer is over and fall is on its way.  As the seasons transition, our wardrobes should, too.  Here are some easy ways to update your wardrobe for fall without spending a ton of money to do so:

Swap in some sweaters.  Not heavy, chunky sweaters, but thin, crew-neck sweaters that can be worn under suits in place of sleeveless shells and lighter blouses.  I love a thin, wool, heathered gray sweater under a black or navy suit.  Warm, functional, and makes my summer suit look great in cooler weather. 

Look for loafers. Swap out your slingbacks and slides for suede, leather, and animal print loafers and block-heeled pumps.  Even when wearing the same dresses, pants, and suits, different shoes will transform your look.

Secure some scarves.  Adding a scarf to your normal blouse/pant or skirt combination will automatically add warmth and style.  Don’t feel confined to more substantial pashminas or outdoor scarves, silk scarves accomplish the same effect and are easier to incorporate.

Layer up.  Stick with your same summer outfits, but add on a vest, jacket, or additional sweater.  Consider adding a sweazer (sweater-blazer) into your repertoire for maximum comfort and style.

Add in some texture.  If summer is all about color, cooler weather begs for texture.  Look for monochromatic outfit combinations in your existing wardrobe with added texture from thicker fabrics, suedes, etc.

Make-up, hair, and nails. If you color your hair, consider going darker.  If you like wearing eyeshadow or lipstick, incorporate some darker hues.  For nails, I love oxblood shades and other deep reds, but why not try a navy, deep purple, or hunter green?   

What are your favorite looks for fall?  Share with us on social media at  Similarly, we welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for future columns.  Please email me at to make topic suggestions or to submit an article you have written on a professional fashion topic.

Kathryn “Kate” Conway is a trial lawyer with the law firm of Power Rogers & Smith where she represents injured people and their families in cases involving wrongful death, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, automobile and trucking collisions. She is also a fashion lover and member of the WBAI Board of Directors.