Exciting News From the Supreme Court

By: Jennifer Yu

A revised Rule 756 relieves financial burdens for those seeking to reenter the legal profession

The Illinois Supreme Court recently amended rule 756 to make it easier for attorneys who have elected retired status, or who have been removed from the master roll of attorneys for failure to register, to return to active or inactive status. The amendment lessens the cost for these attorneys to return to the practice of law, or to inactive status, after a time off the master roll. Prior to the amendment, inactive and retired attorneys were fined monthly and, if they wanted to return to active status, had a large amount of CLEs to make up. The prior rule was prohibitive for attorneys reentering the practice of law and, more importantly, it disproportionately affected women. 

The WBAI, in conjunction with the ISBA, successfully lobbied the ARDC to change the rule, allowing inactive and retired attorneys to reenter the practice of law without unfair financial burdens and with a reduced number of CLEs to make up. This is a meaningful, important change for Illinois attorneys, especially women.

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