E. Lynn Grayson: Why I support the Equal Rights Amendment

The U.S. Constitution lacks clarity as it relates to equal protection for women. Many legal scholars have noted, including Justice Antonin Scalia before his death, that sex discrimination is not strictly prohibited by the Constitution. The U.S. should be a leader in equality for everyone yet we are one of the few countries that does not include an equal rights amendment in our Constitution. Passage of the ERA would set the standard for how we should think, act and enforce our laws in this country. As we all know, barriers continue to persist for women in all aspects of life and time alone will not overcome these challenges. Most people believe there is an equal rights amendment and we should make it so. More so now than ever, it is time to pass the ERA making clear to all that women’s rights are human rights and they will be respected and enforced.

-E. Lynn Grayson

E. Lynn Grayson is Chair of Jenner & Block’s Environmental and Workplace Health & Safety Law Practice and recognized as one of the country’s leading lawyers in environmental law.  She serves as lead environmental counsel in US and international transactions and counsels corporate leadership on the management of material environmental risks and liabilities.  She advises clients on critical enforcement, regulatory and litigation matters as well as conducts environmental audits at manufacturing operations.  Ms. Grayson has significant experience defending against natural resource damage claims and performing environmental due diligence including water scarcity concerns.