Domestic Relations

By: Caidi Vanderporten

The Domestic Relations Committee moderated and hosted a CLE focusing on domestic relations judges’ expectations and preferences when appointing a Guardian ad Litem or Child Representative in a contested parenting case. Judge Randi Bruno (Lake County), Judge Matthew Link (Cook County), Judge Maritza Martinez (Cook County) and Judge James Shapiro (Cook County) shared their insight and led discussions on a number of fact patterns encompassing issues practitioners and judges handle often, including when a party has addiction-related problems, when relocation is litigated, and when DCFS is involved in family’s case. More than 76 people joined and a lively exchange was had. Thanks in part to the robust attendance, we will continue to offer more programming focusing on the issues family law practitioners regularly face.

This article was originally published in the WBAI Spring 2023 Newsletter on page 73.