Civil Litigation Reception: Meet the Law Division

Over 150 people turned out on September 19, 2017 for the WBAI Civil Litigation Reception, featuring 11 of the newest judges in the Law Division.  The event aimed to introduce these judges to civil litigators and to allow the attorneys the opportunity to meet and learn about the judges they will now be practicing before.     

Judge Thomas Donnelly, Judge Marguerite Quinn, Judge Rena Marie Van Tine, Judge Anne Collins-Dole, Judge Daniel Kubasiak, Judge Larry Axelrood, Judge Patricia O’Brien Sheahan, Judge Allen Price Walker, Judge Bridget A. Mitchell, Judge Mary R. Minella, and Judge Janet Adams Brosnahan were highlighted in a compilation video featured during the reception.  Each judge shared their thoughts regarding why they became a judge, what makes an attorney an effective advocate, what makes an attorney lose favor with a judge, their #1 piece of advice for attorneys practicing before them, and the funniest/most memorable thing that has happened in their courtroom.  Almost universally, these judges recommend that attorneys be prepared and remain civil in their representation.  Judge Donnelly suggested that the most effective advocates are those that take the strongest point in the opponent’s case and incorporate it into their own.  Attorneys that are underprepared or are disrespectful to the court, witnesses, or other attorneys, are the most likely to lose the judges’ favor.  Judge Axelrood and others recommend that lawyers be honest and above all maintain their credibility.  Without credibility, a lawyer loses everything.   

Thank you to all of the judges for participating in this event and for sharing their stories and their wisdom with WBAI members and supporters.  Thank you to Pohlman USA, a full-service court reporting and litigation-support company, for conducting these interviews and assembling the video compilation.  The event was generously sponsored by Kralovec Jambois & Schwartz, Power Rogers & Smith, Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, and Pohlman USA.  The event was planned by the Civil Litigation Committee, and chaired by Jennifer Yu, of Pohlman USA, and Kate Conway, at Power Rogers & Smith. 

Kathryn Conway is an associate attorney at Power Rogers & Smith and handles a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including malpractice, automotive and trucking negligence, premises liability, maritime, and product liability actions.