Are You Ready to Take Your Trial to the Next Level? Embracing Technology Can Advance Your Legal Practice

As a lawyer, knowing the law is only part of your job. Communicating with clients and opposing counsel, as well as working efficiently are other important aspects of your practice. A large part of your job is communicating details about your case. You likely use modern technology in your legal research and your communications to make your days more efficient; however, there is no time during your practice that technology is more powerful than when you utilize it to tell your clients’ stories. Using the benefits provided with today’s technology at trial, your client’s case can be presented in a more impactful way than ever before. Trial presentation technology facilitates a more accurate, engaging way of telling the story, which can help you win case after case for your clients.

It is no secret that attention spans have become shorter since the advent of the Internet, smartphones, and tablets. Studies have shown that the average attention span is a mere 8.25 seconds, which means you have a small window of time to get your point across before you lose your jurors’ and even the judge’s attention. Utilizing trial technologies in your presentations can help you engage in a way that is demanded by your audience. Cases are often multifaceted, and technology can explain the case in a way that the judge and jury will fully understand. With advancements in legal technology, your trial technician has the ability to design graphs, infographics, diagrams, timelines, slideshows, etc. to present the details and facts of your case. Jurors are not case experts; they rely on you to present the case and ultimately tell the story in a way that they will understand and in way that will resonate with them. 

Trial technology also allows lawyers to streamline their tasks and present their cases more efficiently, all while saving costs for their clients. Almost every case includes exhibits and graphics. By having these demonstratives digitally organized, you can say goodbye to the stresses of hauling documents to every deposition, meeting, or trial. Instead, you can rely on virtual repositories to easily locate and promptly load your files, allowing you to focus on your case wherever it leads you.  In addition, practicing law today often requires a nationwide presence.  Certain technology now allows you to attend and share exhibits with your deponents virtually, which results in more time working on your cases and less cost to your client.

The law is a time-consuming profession and the hours you spend working on a case need to be spent judiciously. That’s why partnering with a trial technician is so effective; you don’t have to spend countless hours learning new software or programs. Trial technicians are experts with using these technologies and will efficiently and effectively help you present your case. With their modern legal technology and your legal expertise, your case will be as solid as ever.  No one wants to worry about how to run a presentation during trial. Stumbling with a PowerPoint in front of a jury might even effect how they view your overall competency. Allow an expert to complement your oral arguments with visual representations for greater impact.

Incorporating legal technologies into your practice may seem like a daunting process. However, you should not let technology intimidate you. Instead, embrace it and all of the opportunities that it can bring to your legal career. When you hire a legal technician, you are partnering with a trained expert, who will work with you directly through every step of the litigation process. He or she can develop your exhibits, graphics, videos, and demonstratives for you, and will make sure that they are presented flawlessly during the trial.

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